Pigmentti is a multi-skilled decorative artist studio specialising in bas-relief sculpture, trompe l’oeil murals, painted decoration, gilding and gold leaf.

Paolo Belló

Born in Bassano del Grappa in 1963, Paolo Bellò has been working in the field of mural decoration since 1978. For more than twenty years he worked alongside Ennio Verenini, his master, also attending the European Center for Heritage Crafts and Profession in Venice and thus enriching his knowledge of ancient techniques. 

In 1994 he opened an artistic decoration studio in Solagna and he has carried out projects in Italy and abroad ever since. 

In 2004, he started teaching at various training institutions and has intensified his personal research focussing on the human body.

Starting from 2013 he has been creating bas-reliefs using the traditional marmorino technique interpreted with a more contemporary touch. 

From 2015 he has taken part in the International Art Exhibition Salon, an annual gathering of International decorative painters from around the world.

Paolo Bellò’ passion for painting and art in general has defined him as an artist.

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