A Tribute to Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth is arguably one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century, and is another of our biggest sources of inspiration at Pigmentti. Over the course of her half-century long career, Hepworth’s style evolved as she spent time travelling around Europe and the UK, seeking inspiration from fellow artists and the natural world […]

Inspiring Staircase Designs

What is it that grabs your attention when you walk into a building for the first time? For us, it’s often the staircase. Not only is it an architectural feature that naturally draws the eye upwards, but it also presents ample opportunities to think creatively and conceptualise a space with a difference. That’s why this […]

A tribute to Costantino Nivola

Every now and then, Paolo and I like to celebrate a sculptor or decorative artist from the past who we both feel a particular depth of connection to. These artists’ works seem to speak to our own, instilling a kind of creative unity that transcends the years between us. Usually, this sense of connection with […]

Top 9 Artistic Pool Designs Across the World

Artistic pools are all the proof we need that form and function can, and should, coexist. This month we’re taking a look at some of our favourite luxury pools across the world – chosen for their artistry, materials and clever use of decorative techniques, from bas-relief to trompe l’oeil. Read on for our top 9 […]

Introducing New Contemporary Relief Art

Over the past couple of months, we’ve shared snippets of our work-in-progress contemporary bas-relief artworks over on Instagram. Some of these pieces push the textural capabilities of our materials and others are experiments in abstraction, bringing the traditional technique of bas-relief into the 21st century. One thing they all have in common, though, is that […]

A Tribute to Jean Dunand

The Art Deco movement is one that we return to often in our quest for artistic inspiration. It grew in popularity during the 1920s and 30s and is characterized by bold geometry and rich, intricate decorative motifs and accentuated metal accents. Each of these elements finds its way into our work at Pigmentti, and we […]

Blue Art in Interiors

Blue art is having its moment, or so it seems. From the minimalist abstraction of Picasso prints to feature walls awash in Yves Klein bleu, we’ve noticed the colour blue appear more and more over the last few years. Yet it’s not accidental that certain colours capture people’s attention more than others and become de […]

What Makes Decorative Art Truly Valuable?

What do you think when you think about decorative art? Perhaps it’s the intricacy of the finished piece, the fact that the artists’ techniques are centuries old, or the knowledge that each work is unique down to its very pigment. Maybe it’s the sense of timelessness that it’s possible to feel when viewing something that […]

A Tribute to Umberto Boccioni

As decorative artists, we wouldn’t be producing the work we do without the influence of generations of those who came before us. From the classical era to the contemporary period we live in today, fellow artisans have carried forward techniques dating back centuries. What fascinates us at Pigmentti is tracking down the stories, artworks and […]

Striking Restaurant and Bar Interiors for Art Lovers

What keeps people coming back to restaurants and bars? It’s surely not just the delight of sampling food and drink they might not have the time nor inclination to make at home. To us, eating and drinking ‘out’ is a way of suspending reality and being fully present in the presence of others. Hospitality is […]

The Importance of Craftsmanship

One thing the current crisis is teaching us at Pigmentti is the value of a slower, more thoughtful way of living. As decorative artists, we’ve always been advocates of craftsmanship and keeping centuries-old techniques alive. Right now, it seems like more and more people are recognising the importance of this, too. Relief sculpture using Scagliola, […]

Are We Approaching a New Renaissance?

At Pigmentti we’ve spent years studying the most influential periods in art history, and one thing we’ve learned is that knowledge and creative output often increase in times of crisis. They tend to force people to rethink their lives and come up with alternative ways of being. Right now, that’s exactly what we’re all experiencing. […]

Collect 2020 – Our Highlights

Last week we went along to Somerset House for Collect 2020 to see the skill and rigour behind contemporary craft, and browse the freshest designs from around the world. It was also a chance to pick out the artists who, like us, enjoy playing around with the relationship between tradition and modernity, and value the […]

Working with Decorative Artists in the Modern World

More and more people are rejecting mass production and looking instead to modern artisanal craft and designs that are steeped in history. This steady revival rests on the experienced, educated shoulders of craftspeople who are skilled in techniques and traditions of the past. This month we’re exploring how interior designers can work with decorative artists […]

10 Trompe L’Oeil Examples That Inspire Us

We’re constantly on the hunt for examples of artistic decoration here at Pigmentti and it’s a joy to champion our fellow practitioners – now and in the past – as a celebration of all things artistic decoration. If you’re not familiar with the term, you can find our full guide to trompe l’oeil already in […]

Introducing the Panel Collection by Pigmentti

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new venture for Pigmentti, the release of our very first Panel Collection – a series of six ornate modular panels created using bas-relief techniques, which can be assembled according to different combinations and orientations. The Panel Collection celebrates artisanal techniques and classic materials, but also our […]

Decorex 2019, Design Encounter – An Interior Design Collaboration

Decorex International is the high-end interior design show of the year in the UK – it brings together world-class designers with the brands, artisans and products that separate the ordinary from the exceptional. If you were at Decorex last year, you might have spotted Pigmentti as we hosted our four-day live bas-relief demonstration using marmorino […]

Bas-relief Ideas for Luxury Interiors

If you’re looking to create a home with a difference, chances are that you’ll be looking for some bespoke and custom options when it comes to furniture, lighting and paint finishes. But have you thought about how you could make a difference with luxury interiors? A bas-relief is a superb way of standing out from […]

5 Ways to Incorporate Statement Art into Luxury Interiors

In our opinion, when it comes to luxury interiors in both commercial and residential spaces, nothing says extravagance like statement art. Artwork has the ability to set the tone of a room and add that extra sense of grandeur and sumptuousness. It can tap into memories, evoke a mood and most importantly bring a sense […]

All You Need to Know About Ceiling Decorations for Luxury Interiors

Something that we’ve long been an advocate for here at Pigmentti, is the power of the fifth wall, otherwise known in the interiors world as the ceiling. Ceiling decoration is not often considered in luxury interiors in the modern age, yet is still one of the first places people look when entering a room. From […]

The Art of Gold: Gilding and Gold Leaf in Interior Design

This month we’re taking a look at one of our favourite materials in the artistic decoration world: gold leaf. As specialists in luxury decoration, we regularly incorporate gold leaf and other precious metal leaves into our projects and we think a spotlight on this intricate material is deserved. Find out more about the history of […]

Milan Design Week 2019 – Our Highlights

Last week we had the pleasure of heading to Milan for Fuorisalone 2019 and Salone del Mobile, otherwise known as Milan Design Week. This year we visited to get a sense of the latest happenings in the design world and to of course gain inspiration for various projects and make connections with like-minded people. If […]

Bas-relief Sculpture Materials: Marmorino

Earlier this year we spoke about one of the materials we use often at Pigmentti for bas-relief sculptures: Scagliola. This month we’re back with another fact file on its similar counterpart: Marmorino. There are pros and cons to each material, so dependent on your desired design and function, the choice between the two is fairly […]

A Look Inside the Studio of a Decorative Artist

Stepping behind the scenes of a decorative artist’s studio is like stepping into their mind.

Bas-relief sculpture materials: Scagliola

Depending on the style of design you require, there could be a different material that will work better for the project. First up we’re exploring Scagliola.

How to use trompe l’oeil in interiors and exteriors spaces

Another traditional artisanal technique that we use here at Pigmentti on our painted decoration projects is the effect of trompe l’oeil.

Bas-Relief Sculpture: What is it and how can it be used in modern-day interior design?

As artisanal decorators here at Pigmentti, we use a number of skills to reinstate high quality craftsmanship and decoration in modern-day interior design. One of these techniques is bas-relief sculpture.

Decorex 2018 Highlights

London Design Festival 2018 once again made London the focus of the design world, bringing the 41st edition of Decorex International.

Witness the revival of artisan decoration at Decorex 2018

Last week saw our announcement that Pigmentti will participate at Decorex 2018, Europe’s leading interior design event, from 16-19th September at Syon Park, as part of this year’s London Design Festival.

Tiepolo Fresco

This is a detail interpretation of the much larger original by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. The clients were interested in the profile of Rachel’s father Laban and her husband Jacob.

Italian Villa

We specialise in mixing pigments and lime plaster for exteriors. This building was brought back to life with warm tones in the render, which will eventually create a beautiful, natural patina.

Apollo and the Muses with Laurel Motifs

This mural filled a large void in a living room. The client had two beautiful mirrors in the room and wanted something brilliant for this enormous wall.

Bas Relief Sculpture in Mamorino

This mascherone motif with acanthus leaf ornament in bas-relief mamorino was sculpted by hand for an overmantle piece.

Private Italian Chapel

Restoration of: three large tempera ceiling paintings, two fresco’s and within the arch an oil painting. Inside the arch the facade is decorated with trompe l’Oeil rosettes. The perimeter of the ceiling is decorated with a light blue ribbon, which pulls the sky down on to the walls. The columns are decorated with marmorino which […]

Moroccan Powder Room

This client saw the cupola in Hall of Ambassadors at the Alcázar of Seville and fell in love.

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